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Zhongshan Huasheng Furniture Manufacturing Co.,LTD. was established in March 2004, and at the same time we created our own brand  Wosen. Huasheng furniture is a professional high-end office furniture and villa hotel furniture manufacturer combining design, manufacture, sales and service. It now owns  0.108 billion RMB registered capital and 8 production bases which totally occupies an area of 250,000 square meters. We have professional product research and development center,international standard quality testing center. We totally have more than 2,000 high qualified employees currently. Most of our production machinery and technology are imported from Italian and German. Recent years, we are formally elected as one of  top 10 famous office furniture brands, Famous brand of Guangdong Province Famous products of Guangdong Province 2015 China office furniture to 10 famous brands, AAA Credit rating enterprise .

We specialized in manufacturing veneer painting furniture, melamine office furniture and hotel villa products. Our products have won a good reputation from the office furniture industry based on its stable supply ability and quality controlling. We cooperated with famous office furniture designer and office environment professional Derby in 2011, and established a new office furniture showroom which covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters.It created an office space which integrated  Culture, Environmental, Fashion, Taste. At present, We are trying out best to change our goal from To be an office furniture enterprise with the strongest comprehensive offering ability to  Global outstanding furniture manufacturer,office furniture supplier and service provider and finally realize our company philosophy Creating famous brand, Serve the society  .

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